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Cuban treefrogs invading

I would like to know what to do about these treefrogs, which are hurting the native frog population here. They have been laying eggs in our 15x30 swimming pool every few days and we skim them out. These frogs also make a lot of noise. The pool is clean, but I understand chlorine or chemicals don't bother them. What can I do? They are so brazen, lining up at the edge of the pool when the sun goes down, not intimidated by our presence. They are tan and I saw a write-up in the local paper, which makes me sure they are Cuban treefrogs.

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

It's not quite clear to me whether you're asking what you can do to keep the frogs out of your pool or from displacing native frogs, but I don't think there's much more you can do either way. At the smaller scale, as long as your pool has water in it, they're likely to use it. No doubt you don't want your pool full of frog eggs and tadpoles, but if you didn't clean the eggs out the tadpoles would starve to death if the chemicals didn't kill them or the eggs first. At the larger scale, it's extremely hard to get rid of invasive species once they're established. In a general sense, the problem of invasive species is one of the greatest threats facing our wildlife, along with habitat loss, climate change, and pollution. Support any government or private programs to control these species in your area.

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