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Jewelled top snails

I am facinated by the color of Jewelled top snails. Unlike land snails, I noticed that there are only one pair of tenticals and I don't see an eye at the tip of the tentical. Where are the eyes on Jewelled top snail? Does it have a siphon like other marine snails to breathe?

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

All snails have essentially the same body plan and all, marine and land alike, have two pairs of tentacles. They don't have true eyes; rather, they have light-sensitive eyespots. On land snails, these are at the tips of the longer tentacles; on marine snails, they're at the bases. The other tentacles are used for smell and touch. Not all marine snails breathe through siphons, only those that bury themselves and need to breathe while buried. The Jeweled Top Snail lives on kelp fronds and thus has no need of a siphon to draw water over its gills.

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