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Fox family have turned wildlife into prey

I have been nurturing the wildlife in my yard for years. My bird feeders have attracted many species of birds, raccoons, opossum, squirrels, chipmunks, deer and others. I am thrilled to say that a family of foxes has moved in under my shed. They are beautiful and fascinating to watch. There is a mother with at least 4 kits. I have watched them run around the shed area at dawn and they play with each other like puppies at all times of the day. They are marvelous! Just one problem, they have turned all of my wildlife into prey. Itís a hard reality to accept that all of the animals that I have been watching over are now at risk of becoming a meal. Could you please write a few words about this subject? And also could you touch on which animals are at risk? Thanks! Phyllis in New Jersey

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

Yes, welcome to reality backyard! Life is impossible without death. Only photosynthetic plants are able to produce their own food; every other living thing has to live off other living (or already dead) things. Many of the animals you were enjoying before the foxes came along - including the birds, raccoons, opossums, and even the squirrels - have been eating one another and other animals all along. Predation is everywhere; we just don't see it all that often.

Foxes - like raccoons and opossums - are opportunistic omnivores. They do eat many small rodents, including chipmunks, as well as bird eggs and young when they find them. For more-complete information on fox diets, please see the links below.

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