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Baltimore Orioles

We have a male Baltimore oriole in our country subdivision that hangs around our yard! I have the nectar, orange slices and grape jelly out for it to eat. When they first visited our feeder, both the male and the female orioles ate and drank from the oriole feeder, but only for a few days. But now, I never see the female, and the male won't visit our feeders. All he does is fly around various trees (including ours) and calls all day long. Is he still trying to find a mate (the reason for the constant calling) or has he found another food source? Or is the female building a nest and he is trying to locate her? I am confused.

Birding Expert - George H. Harrison

I'll try to eliminate your confusion. The female is absent because she is sitting on eggs in a pouch-like nest, probably high in a tree very near you. All orioles stop eating oranges for some unknown reason, after the nesting seasons starts, but they should continue to feed from the nectar feeder into September. I believe that your nectar is not right. Do as millions of others do: make your own. Mix one part sugar to four parts warm water, cool and serve. No coloring is necessary. Good luck.

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