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Lack of Rabbits

We live in a mountainous area of Maine, it is very wooded and not too populated. We see lots of squirrels, deer and birds. We have not spotted any rabbits in the area. We have heard of a deadly disease in Europe and wondered if this has affected the population in the US. If not, what can you suggest to attract more rabbits to our property? Also, is it possible there is a natural predator that is thinning the population here? Thanks for your help.

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

You haven't seen any rabbits because, for the most part, Maine simply has no rabbits. The New England Cottontail once was abundant along the southern coastal plain as far up as Augusta, but it has almost disappeared as a result of habitat loss. Plans to reintroduce it are being considered, but it never occurred in the mountains and never will. I'm afraid that if you want rabbits, you'll have to move.

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