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Western Scrub-jay

I live in Santa Monica, CA, and a Western Scrub-jay has taken to squawking and "dive-bombing" my dog and myself. In one instance, it even grazed my head. It will follow me around my property, but only swoops down on me in the courtyard. Should I be concerned with this aggressive behavior? Friends are now afraid of the courtyard in my house because I have my own "The Birds" horror movie.

Birding Expert - George H. Harrison

The jays obviously have a nest in your courtyard, and they are protecting it against all predators, including people. This aggressive behavior will end when the young fledge, which is about a month after the nest is built. In the meantime, don't be concerned. The birds may threaten you, but should cause you no harm.

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Western Scrub-Jay
Aphelocoma californica

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