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Mourning Dove egg

We have always had mourning doves on our feeder, but guess how surprised we were this morning when we found an egg on our feeder! We think it is a mourning dove egg. It is on our built-in feeder, which has the one-way seeing glass. The female mourning dove that is always on the feeder does not seem to want to sit on the egg. I think she is afraid of her reflection. There is no nest. The egg is just sitting on the birdseed. What do you think we should do?

Birding Expert - George H. Harrison

Do nothing about the egg. If there is no nest, the dove will not incubate it. My guess is that she was into the egg-laying cycle and for some reason lost her nest, yet had to lay the egg. It may also be infertile. There is no way you can hatch it, and even if you did, you could not keep the youngster alive. In addition to all that, it is illegal to keep native wild birds in captivity.

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