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Mountain Lions in Kansas

Why is it that Kansas Wildlife and Parks refuses to admit there are Mountain lions here? My family have seen them for years. Last year my brother and his wife saw one in the road west of their home, but others have seen them since the late 1970s - about the same time deer migrated to Kansas. I have written to the Wildlife and Parks personnel and invited them to my parents' land to check out this information, but have gotten no response. Thank you for any information on this matter! Sherry L. Lucas

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

You haven't given me any evidence that KWP refuses to admit the presence of Mountain Lions, only that the agency is non-communicative. At any rate, a Web search reveals several recent, well-documented sightings of Mountain Lions in eastern Kansas. At the same time, official lists of Kansas mammals recognize the species as extirpated. It seems that an accurate description of the species' status in the state is that occasional individuals, mostly young males and probably from the Ozark/Ouachita population, wander into the state but that there is no viable population.

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