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I am curious about otters. I was looking for the types of otters that are in my area. To my surprise there is only one, the NOrthern River Otter. I have personally seen otters in the salt water. I live in far Southern New Jersey and I am frequently in an around the ocean and the bay. I suppose my question is can Northern River Otters live in both fresh and salt water? I want to emphasize that this was not brackish water, it was salt water. If these otters do not cross over intosalt water, what was it that i saw?

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

Although river otters are primarily freshwater animals, they do often occur in saltwater habitats, especially when traveling. It's much easier, safer, and more productive for an otter to travel from one watershed to another by way of the coast than overland. Coastal and estuarine environments are also rich foraging grounds for otters.

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