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Stepped on A Painful Plant

I live in South Central, Texas (San Antonio) and went on a trip up in the Hill Country one day. We were in the woods on an August day and a friend told me to avoid these bright green plants low to the ground. At first glance, the leaves didn't have any spines on them, but when you looked up close it was covered with hundreds of tiny Cactus-like spines. Needless to say, when I wasn't paying attention I stepped on one and immediately had horrible stinging pain in my foot. For two weeks my foot had the spines stuck inside. They were too small to get out with tweezers.I think she said it started with a "B". I'm just not sure. Please help me find out what this plant is called. Thanks.

Backyard Expert - Cathy Nordstrum

The plant called Bull Nettle, or Cnidoscolus texanus, caused your painful reaction. The summer of 2003 has been an especially prolific year for Bull Nettle.

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