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Hairless Raccoon

My question comment concerns a hairless raccoon (5-6 mo. old) who visits our food bowls. He was born with this condition and is accepted by his siblings. However, we fear for his survival this winter. I have tried to get help from local rehabilitators, and the UT Veterinary School, but they have not given me any useful advice yet. I would like to know if there are any rescue groups who would be willing to come trap him and take him to a safe habitat? I also think your question from the person in Iowa in 2002 may have reflected the same problem. In his hairless state, his head does "resemble an opossum" and his only fur is a little sprig on his tail. At first we thought he was a Chihuahua dog. Any help or suggestions that you can give will be appreciated.

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

You probably won't like my response, but my philosophy is that we should not try to save "defective" animals. Nature works only because a lot of things die. If all raccoons (or anything else) survived, they would deplete their own resources and even more would die. The weak and infirm are meant to die and the survivors will produce better, stronger descendants. That's natural selection. It's one thing to try to counter damage done by humans, but nature should be allowed to run its own course. The practice of moving animals around is very detrimental because it spreads disease and contaminates gene pools. If you take an animal out of nature, you deprive other animals of food. My advice is just let it be.

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