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leopard frogs

We have the opportunity? to have a tadpole sent ot us to raise. I thought it would be a great learning experience for my son but when I looked them up I found out that they are not typically found in our area. Is this a good idea? If we do it do we keep it as a pet or can they be released?(Thier #'s are going down so I thought we might be helping) I am extremly conscientious so your expert opinion would be appreciated. Thank you so much! Shawn

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

What is the source of the tadpole? Harvesting of wild animals for the pet trade should not be condoned under any circumstances. You're correct, leopard frogs are not native to your area, and it would be totally irresponsible to release one there. You would be responsible for the frog, which means taking care of it properly, for its lifetime. Unless your frog becomes part of a captive breeding program for reintroduction purposes, you would be doing nothing to help the species by raising and keeping one in captivity; in fact, if it came from the wild, you would be doing the opposite.

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