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Mountain Lion

I live in Chatsworth,Ga. A friend of mine says there is no mountain lions in our area. But I have talked to people who have seen them walking across their fields.Described as a large cat,tan in color with long tail. Is this possible and how could I track one in order to get photographs?

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

There appears to be a very small Mountain Lion population in the Great Smokies, and a few animals apparently wander into northern Georgia. If I were you, I'd forget about trying to get photographs; mountain lions are notoriously shy and hard to see even where they're common. If you really want the challenge, you probably would need to bait one to a blind, but I really think you'd be setting yourself up for a lot of fruitless waiting.

There are plenty of books and videos out there on tracking techniques. The North Cascades Institute even offers an April seminar called Tracking Cougars and Their Prey!

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