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poisonous spiders in pennsylvania

Hello, Have brown recluse spiders been found as far north as PA? If not are there any other poisonous spiders that I should beware of? (this site didn't list any for my region) please help... it would put my mind at ease to know.

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

No, the Violin (or "Brown Recluse") Spider does not occur that far north (or east). All spiders are poisonous, so the term "poisonous spider" is redundant. Don't confuse "poisonous" with "dangerous to humans." Only a few are in the latter category. In your area, you might be concerned about the Black Widow Spider, which is the most dangerous (to us) spider in North America. Please keep in mind, though, that even that species' bite is very rarely fatal to humans.

Ken Burton for eNature Naturalists

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