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Earthworm invasion

When I woke up this morning, my sidewalk, the side of my house, and the street were covered with earthworms - 1000's. I recall this happened last year as well, but I think it was warmer, maybe April or May, but possibly March. What causes this? We had a storm come in last night, accompanied by a little rain (0.29" according to my weather station). Outside temp was 37 degrees F this morning.

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

Earthworms are notorious for appearing en masse after rains, spawning the myth that they actually fall out of the sky with the rain! Trust me, they don't. Apparently, they simply are escaping flooding in their tunnels since they can't withstand long periods of immersion. Of course, in the old days, there wasn't any such thing as asphalt to prevent them from disappearing back into the soil after the rain.

Ken Burton for eNature Naturalists

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