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Rat size rodent with furry tail

Last week I found a small rodent or rodent like creature in our garden, and I think it had been killed by one of our cats. We live in Montana at about 5000 feet on the side of a mountain, but nowhere near talus slopes. I would like help identifying this animal. I looked in the eNature field Guides and my own field guides to mammals and can't come up with an answer. The body of the animal was about 7 or 8 inches long and the tail was at least 4 inches long, maybe longer. At first I thought it was a rat, but I have never seen a rat with such a furry tail. No, it's not like any squirrel I've ever seen either. The ears were smaller than a mouse or rat, but larger than a ground hog or ground squirrel or pocket gopher ears. It was light gray very soft fur on the body and had a soft furry tail, not as furry as a squirrel by a long shot! I found a picture of an American Pika that looks almost exactly like this creature, But the pike hardly has a tail, so I'm stumped. Can you help? Thanks very much for answering all the questions on here. Both the questions and answers are fascinating.

Wildlife Expert - David Herlocker

Iím pretty sure that youíre describing a Bushy-tailed Woodrat. Check out the picture and information in our field guide and see if itís a match.

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