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Dying Whip-poor-wills

A dozen whip-poor-wills (actually probably Chucks) have been found dead on the roof of the federal building in downtown Jacksonville Florida over the past few days. Do you have a theory of what could have caused this? They were sent to the Dept of Health because of fear of West Nile virus but we must wait up to 3 weeks for results - too long if there is an urgent risk to birds. (PS. While many of us federal employees could be categorized as old goats, I have no evidence the birds are sucking up to us.)

Birding Expert - George H. Harrison

If the birds were migrating, which they should be doing at this time of the year, they may have flown into the windows or the building or lighting structures as they were pursuing insects. If that was not the cause of death, then you will have to wait for the results of the tests. I doubt that it was West Nile, but it is possible.

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