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1-inch 10 legged tan insect with a black spot on it's rear, hairy

We found a 10-legged hairy bug that resembles a spider. It is light tan with a black area on its backside. It is hairy and about an inch long. The front set of legs is longer than the rest of the legs. It has pinchers at its mouth. I was told it was called a Child of the Earth (aka Jerusalem Cricket), but the pictures I've seen of these crickets does not resemble what I found. I found it in my house on the floor and I have an eight month old baby that crawls around. I need to know if they are poisonous. I don't want my baby to be bitten. Please provide any information you can ASAP. This is the second one we have found in our house!!!! Thank you for your help!

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

I think you are finding windscorpions. They are not poisonous and even the big ones don't bite unless you try to grab them. They hunt at night and are common on patios under lights that are left on at night, where they feast on insects that are attracted to the light and fall to the ground.

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