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Are all spiders poisonous? read more

common spiders

What are the types of common spiders that are found in South Carolina? read more


Is a daddy long leg a spider? It dosn't have a waist so I dont know? read more

Goldenrod Spider

Hi we found what we identify as a golden rod spider in a jalapeno plant in our garden about 3 weeks ago and we put it in a jar. read more


A first grader in Ms. Dew's class at North Ridge Elementary class wants to know if Bats eat Bees. read more

preying mantis

last night around dusk I spotted a medium sized brown preying mantis on my central air-conditioner unit. read more


Any moths in USA that has wingless females? read more

Your answer re: Gambusia with Goldfish

I disagree with the answer given regarding adding Gambusia to a goldfish pond. Gambusia are prolific livebearers and useful in open area mosquito control, but can be very aggressive and are fin-nippers in a confined space, and they have no color. read more


I live in So Calif on the coast. This afternoon I noticed that one of my birch trees had these caterpillers all over it. read more

camel Spider

I live in Yuma, AZ, we live on 5 acres pretty much in the middle of the desert. read more

pigeon horntail

I have recently seen a pigeon horntail for the first time ever and was wondering... read more


Hi, I live in New Jersey. We recently discovered what appear to be bumblebees, entering and exiting an abandoned chipmunk hole in our front lawn. read more

hummingbird moth host plants

yesterday I observed a hummingbird moth (plump body, rust and pale olive colouring) laying single pale green eggs on the base of the trunk of a small Nannyberry Viburnum. read more


how long can a bee live read more

bald-faced hornets

How do hornets build thier nests? What binds it together? read more

small milkweed bug

Last year I had lots of monarch butterfly caterpillars on my milkweed (and subsequently, lots of lovely monarch butterflies). read more

Brood X - 17 year locust

What happened to this years emergence of brood x. I have been anticipating the deafening hum of the 17 year locust and as of this date, none have been noticed. read more


We have a tarantula that is wild and she has lived in our area for the last 4 years. read more

Butterfly /caterpillar

How do caterpillars form the chrysalis around themselves? read more

Hummingbird or bee?

My father and I saw a creature about 1 inch long, with a slender, bright green fuzzy body and maroon stripes. read more

1-20 of 429 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>

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