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Any moths in USA that has wingless females? read more

hummingbird moth host plants

yesterday I observed a hummingbird moth (plump body, rust and pale olive colouring) laying single pale green eggs on the base of the trunk of a small Nannyberry Viburnum. read more

small milkweed bug

Last year I had lots of monarch butterfly caterpillars on my milkweed (and subsequently, lots of lovely monarch butterflies). read more

Butterfly /caterpillar

How do caterpillars form the chrysalis around themselves? read more

Female Tiger Swallowtail

Which is the most common of the Female Tiger Swallowtails, the black form or the... read more

Insects - Tent Catarpillers

What eats Tent Catapillers, are there any Natural Preditors for them in my area? read more

insects and pain

do insects feel pain. Like ants for example. they are often seen injured...or accidentally squashed. read more


what is an animal? read more

insects and the world

Hi! I'm Christine from California. I was wondering what our life would be like without bugs and insects. read more

barrel cactus

what kind of wildlife is supported by the barrel cactus in az? read more

milk weed

I wanted to plant milk weed for the butterflys but my neighbor said NO. Is it t... read more

Butterfly Weed

I have several butterfly weed bushes in my garden. I planted them in late spring 2003. read more


Do you know what the grayish small catepillar looking thing that I called an asp as a kid is really called? I thught maybe it was a nymph of an insect. read more

Monarch Chrysalis

Do monarch butteflies' overwinter in the chrysalis form in the midwest? If you r... read more

giant silkworm development

How long will it take a cocoon of a giant silkworm - maybe Luna Moth - to develo... read more

little white cocoons covering a caterpillar

I live in midwestern Ohio and I was looking through our garden today when I noticed a hawk moth caterpillar hanging from a tomato plant. read more


If you're not the correct "expert" for this question, please let me know or forward it to the correct person. read more


My kids would like to know where butterflies go to sleep at night. We have mostly swallowtails, but also many clearwings. read more


what plants do butterflies spin their cacoon on or their eggs thank you read more

scientific name for butterflies (dogs= canine, buterflies=?)

If cats are felines and dogss are canines, what are butterflies? Snakes? read more

1-20 of 151 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>

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