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Injured or abandoned birds

I have found an injured or abandoned bird. What should I do? read more

Birds eating pets

How do I prevent a hawk from preying on my pet? read more

Birds flying into windows

How can I prevent birds from flying into my windows? read more

Unwanted birds at feeders

How can I discourage unwanted bird species at my bird feeders? read more

Deers eating plants

How can I stop deer from eating my plants? read more

Caterpillar/butterfly identification

Can you assist me in identifying a caterpillar or butterfly? read more

Feeding wildlife

Is it okay to feed wildlife? read more

Local wildlife

How can I learn more about my local wildlife? read more

Native and invasive plants

How can I learn more about native and invasive plants in my backyard? read more

Backyard "Pests"

I need to remove a "problem" animal from my backyard. How can I do so in a human... read more

Taxonomy and classification

Can you recommend a good site for taxonomy and classification questions? read more

Animal names

Can you recommend a good site for names of males, females, babies, and groups of... read more

eNature photo copyrights

Can I use some of your photographs for a personal, non-commercial project? read more

Attracting birds

How can I attract birds to my backyard? read more

Attracting butterflies

What's the best way to attract butterflies to my backyard? read more

Dangerous spiders

How can I identify a spider and determine if it is dangerous? read more

Black Squirrels

Can you tell me about Black Squirrels? read more

Wild animals as pets

Is it okay to have certain wild animals as pets? read more

Endangered species

How can I learn about endangered and threatened wildlife in my area? read more

Species identification

Do you have tools to help me identify a species I've seen? read more

1-20 of 20 questions page: 1

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