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snakes after hurricanes

as the people in Florida cleanup after the storm will they have to be more caref... read more

marmot and deer behavior

My husband and I were backpacking in the Sequoia National Park (CA) and at one off-trail campsite we were surprised by a young buck that came near to camp to eat the dirt where we had recently urinated. read more


Most of my friends, mostly outdoors oriented and many hunters, consider woodchucks to be pre-dawn to a bit after dusk in their habits. read more

Arizona Gray Squirrel

Our back yard recently has been visited several times by a fairly large gray squirrel. read more

eye contact with big cats

hello. i was wondering how big cats react to human eye contact. for example if a... read more


Last fall I spent time in SE Missouri and saw chipmunks climbing to the very top of huge oaks to harvest acorns. read more


Are there any snakes in Alaska? read more

Mountain Lions in Kansas

Why is it that Kansas Wildlife and Parks refuses to admit there are Mountain lions here? My family have seen them for years. read more


I am curious about otters. I was looking for the types of otters that are in my area. read more

frog and toad calls

Where can I obtain a tape or CD of frog and toad calls? I am interested in identifying Pennsylvania or Northeast species of frogs and toads by their calls. read more


There are 4 ponds in this area within 2 miles of each other. One is full of frogs and the others had few to none. read more


My kids would like to know where butterflies go to sleep at night. We have mostly swallowtails, but also many clearwings. read more


what plants do butterflies spin their cacoon on or their eggs thank you read more


In 1 square mile, how many different animal families/species might I find? ex: coyote, fox, raccoon, skunk, possum, squirrel, chipmunk, mouse, vole, etc. read more


I find large gatherings of Tiger Swallowtails, male and female--and an occasional smaller butterfly--in the middle of dirt roads. read more

bears in kentucky

Recently relatives and neighbors claim to have spotted a bear in my area. I live in Southern Pulaski County KY. read more


I am a 13-year-old ZooTeen at the Toledo Zoo. On one of our recent conservation projects, we searched for snakes or skinks so that we could catch them, get them banded, and set them free again. read more


Do you know the best season and time of day to see salamanders, and what is the best and easiest way to catch them in order to bettter identify them? Thank you. read more

Mountain Lion

I live in Chatsworth,Ga. A friend of mine says there is no mountain lions in our area. read more

Earthworm invasion

When I woke up this morning, my sidewalk, the side of my house, and the street were covered with earthworms - 1000's. read more

1-20 of 45 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3

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