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Eastern Grey Squirrel Communication

We have numerous squirrels in our yard. We regularly feed them. Many times, as we watch, they begin to waggle their tails: sideways, up and down and occassionally in circles, while they chatter, screech, and make other sounds. read more


Wildlife observers around here refer to a squirrel they call a fairydiddle. It is described as smaller than the regular grey squirrels with a less bushy tail. read more

Attracting Deer

I've read lots of commentary from folks whose gardens are being eaten down to the nubs by deer, and as a result are needing advice on how to safely and humanely keep their munching at bay. read more

Neighbor shooting animals

Hollo, I live just outside of the village limits of Six Lkes Michigan. My concern is with my neighbor (who lives in the village) shooting any animal he sees on his property. read more

Prairie Dogs

We live in a nice area, we used to have a very nice front yard. Now we have holes in our yard caused by the lovely prairie dog! We don't want o harm the animal and no one can help us get rid of the problem. read more

Feeding Wildlife Unsanitary?

I love wildlife so I have bird feeders, bird baths, and a single squirrel feeder. read more

jadera bug

What is a jadera bug. Is it beneficial or not? read more

Cuban treefrogs invading

I would like to know what to do about these treefrogs, which are hurting the native frog population here. read more

Fox family have turned wildlife into prey

I have been nurturing the wildlife in my yard for years. My bird feeders have attracted many species of birds, raccoons, opossum, squirrels, chipmunks, deer and others. read more

Salt & Mineral Licks for Deer

Hi! I live in a wooded area with quite a few deer. I was wondering if it would be beneficial to the deer to put out a salt and/or mineral lick for them. read more

American toad

Is there any humane way to make toads stop croaking. We have a small pond just off our patio and the toads croak all night and it is very disturbing. read more


Hello, Well i live in the city in an apartment building on a third floor and i notice that in my window there a squirrel that has made , what look like a nest out of tissues and napkin. read more


I have a fox in my area. I live in the HappyHollow comminty of Florence Alabama the NorthWest region. read more


i live in northern mn.and we always enjoy feeding and watching our grey squirrels. read more

periodical cicadas

How far down in the soil are these living? Does warm weather cause them to eme... read more

Arizona Gray Squirrel

Our back yard recently has been visited several times by a fairly large gray squirrel. read more


Are racoons becoming endangered? Do they hibernate in the winter? Are they bec... read more

white tail deer

we have 8 white tails in our area and we have begun to feed them cracked corn. My son says that their digestive systems change in the winter and that they are not able to digest the same foods that they eat in the summer, and that they have been known to starve to death eating hay and straw. read more

red fox

There is a pair of Red foxes in my friends, residential backyard who gave birth to a stillborn this morning. read more


I live on the side of a mountain and I do believe I've found a very large cougar track right next to my van. read more

1-20 of 228 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>

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