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Are Prairie Dogs members of the rodent family? Are they related to rats? read more


I live in So Calif on the coast. This afternoon I noticed that one of my birch trees had these caterpillers all over it. read more

rosy boas

Do rosy boas have fangs? read more

Agkistrodon piscivorus locations

I have a degree in Zoo Animal Technology, and know my local snakes fairly well. read more

E Box Turtle-Gestation

Hello Sir, I have a female E Box turtle in my field for past several years. She has made two borrows and I believe layed her eggs. read more


I want to know if there is a difference between a leech and a blood sucker.Could you show me some pictures of them or the web site with the information. read more


Dear Sir, What are the difference between Mackerel and Jack Mackerel. Are th... read more

Glowing marine organism

I saw a bit of a nature show, but can't remember the name of this animal. It's an under water micro-organism(?) that, when roused by movement, glows. read more

jadera bug

What is a jadera bug. Is it beneficial or not? read more


Hi, Are Wolffish and Conger Eels/Ocean Pout the same thing? I am having trouble telling them apart while diving, if in fact they are separate and distinct from each other. read more

Reptiles and Amphibian Families

I've read that reptiles and amphibians are in a larger family called Heptiles. ... read more

animal populations

where can i find a site that will show me pictures of animals and their populati... read more


What is the difference between a skate and a sting ray ? read more

Voles vs Moles

What is the difference in a vole vs mole? read more


what is an animal? read more


when did the sceintific name for the Great Basin Gopher snake change from Pituop... read more


What type of fish is a butter fish. I've searched and can't find any specific fish with that name. read more

Overwintering mosquitoes

I have heard about overwintering mosquitoes and I was wondering what that meant. read more

Giant Garter Snake

Is the Giant Garter Snake another name for the San Francisco Garter Snake/T. sir... read more

Drones, Queens etc.

I do know that social insects such as bees, wasps and ants have queens, drones etc. read more

1-20 of 108 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>

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