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How to make a habitat at school

How do I make a habitat at the back of a schoolhouse? Like what do I need to att... read more


Our life science text book says that salamanders have very strong legs. My students and I disagree. read more

Praying mantis

My 6th grade students brought in a Praying Mantis at the end of September and we set it up in a classroom terrarium. read more

Anatomy of Dogfish

One of my peers in classed posed a very good question in my comparative anatomy class and my professor, being human, did not know the answer. read more

leopard frogs

We have the opportunity? to have a tadpole sent ot us to raise. I thought it would be a great learning experience for my son but when I looked them up I found out that they are not typically found in our area. read more


At camp they had spider that we could hold.I'm a little skidish around spiders. read more


I found some tadpoles in a puddle behind our dumpster and took some to preschool to observe. read more

io moth

how long do io caterpillars stay cocooned? read more

Mating rituals

Are there any bizarre mating rituals in the animal world? I have a class I'm tea... read more

schoolyard has red clay

Our school is trying to start a backyard butterfly garden. The problem is we are in Charlotte, NC and I have no idea how to work with red clay. read more

worm composting

I am helping my daughter with a science fair project on worms. We know they are very helpful in our compost pile and love the soil under the bunny hutches! But it is 10 degrees outside now and we can't dig any up. read more

tree rings

My son's in Boy Scouts and studying about trees and the growth of them. Do you h... read more

leaf identification

I NEED to find a book about how to identify leaves and their scientific names. What book would you suggest? Please help me!!! Megan M. read more

plant tags

Our school has a nature trail. We would like to find free identification signs to put on our trees and other species of groundcover, etc. read more

Fertilizer pollution

Dear Expert, I'm doing an experiment on how fertilizer (Miracle Gro plant food in this instance) affects earth worms and how it pollutes the soil. read more

Wildlife Habitat

We have to do a report in school. It's due within 2 weeks and I'm stumped on wha... read more

Creating a garden spot at school

I am a teacher of special need students. We have a new classroom that looks out to the new addition. read more

urban ecosystems

Can you give me any ideas for information, lesson plans, projects, activities, etc. read more

Good resources for homework questions?

What websites have good science and nature information for kids? We need help wi... read more

The Road to Somewhere from Philly

I'm in college for Graphic Design and am going to finish my Associates degree, but I've decided that I want to find a job somewhere along the lines of Game Warden, Park Ranger, or anything like that that would involve and surround me with nature and wildlife. read more

1-20 of 30 questions page: 1  | 2

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