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1. How do salamanders give birth?

2. Is a salamander like a worm, whereby if its tail gets cut/ broken off. read more

Dealing with snapping turtles

It's that time of year again in Vermont, the reptiles and amphibians are on the move! There are actually squadrons of people who help frogs, toads and salamanders cross the street on rainy nights, and I've made it a personal mission to help snakes and turtles avoid becoming street pizza. read more


Do animals know to use certain plants for medicinal purposes? Will an animals ea... read more


Each summer I start to notice the squirrels in our backyard have ulcers, and loss of fur, on their bodies. read more

Wild Rabbit Parasite

I am from Ohio and I have a wild rabbit in capativity because it only has 3 legs (mower accident or predator?)and since we have 2 indoor/outdoor cats it wouldn't have much of a chance until it was older to be released. read more

Mallard ducks

There is a pair of mallard ducks nesting behind our office, which is fine. However, new construction will be started on Monday and we need to know if it will be safe to move the nest and eggs to a location out of the way of the construction. read more


Do young cardinals lack a tail? We have one adult size female cardinal at our feeder who lacks the long tail feathers of birds of the same size. read more

Cranes and parasites

Cranes (sandhill?) feed in our pond each spring. Our neighbor also has a large pond, and was told that cranes have parasites in their droppings, which cause "warbles?" in fish. read more

Finch blindness

I'm seeing several (a small percentage, however) American goldfinches that are at some stage of blindness in one or both eyes. read more

Hummingbird feeders

Is it really good for hummingbirds to feed them processed sugar water? Is there... read more

Dying Whip-poor-wills

A dozen whip-poor-wills (actually probably Chucks) have been found dead on the roof of the federal building in downtown Jacksonville Florida over the past few days. read more

Blue jays with thinning neck feathers

I have attracted multiple blue jays to my feeder at my back deck. Several of these blue jays have very thin or no neck and head feathers. read more

Cardinal fledglings

There is a family of cardinals in a wegeila shrub next to my kitchen window, 3 or 4 babies, a week old. read more

Thrasher feeding baby Robin

I rehabilitate birds for the local chapter and I have a fledgling robin that I put into a large cage with a Thrasher who was nearing release time. read more


The robins built a poorly made nest or the weather deteriorated it, so that it is slanting to one side. read more

Dead bluebirds

We recently had 2 fledgling bluebirds leave the box. Two days later we thought all the fledglings left but I heard young ones chirping in the box. read more

Red-winged blackbird

Yesterday I noticed a fledgling calling out on my lawn, so I sat back to see what kind of bird would come to feed it. read more

"Bald" Cardinal

At the beginning of the season, a cardinal which has no feathers on his head showed up at our feeder. read more

pine siskins

I have an average of 2 pine siskins dying each month near the bird feeders. This has been happening since April. read more


We had a nest of four baby bluebirds in a bluebird house that was located close to our house. read more

1-20 of 74 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>

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