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sea urchins

how do sea urchins survive tidal changes? read more

A particular type of whale

It's a dumb question really. But I'm curious to know. It's about this whale I've seen in the movie and book of the Walt Disney character Pinocchio. read more


Dear Sir, What are the difference between Mackerel and Jack Mackerel. Are th... read more

Glowing marine organism

I saw a bit of a nature show, but can't remember the name of this animal. It's an under water micro-organism(?) that, when roused by movement, glows. read more

Cannibalistic Dog Whelks?

Yesterday I was walking along a shore, and saw a group of Dog Whelks on a rock near to the water that appeared to be attacking each other. read more

Jewelled top snails

I am facinated by the color of Jewelled top snails. Unlike land snails, I noticed that there are only one pair of tenticals and I don't see an eye at the tip of the tentical. read more


What is the difference between a skate and a sting ray ? read more


are dolphin fish food that dolphins eat? read more

bachelor fur seals

Where can i find out more information about holluschickie bachelor fur seals like the one Rudyard Kipling wrote about in the jungle book. read more


what is an animal? read more

blue crab

does the blue crab take care of their young read more

dog whelks

Is there a predator of dog whelks? If so, what is it? Thank you. read more


What does this upside down jellyfish eat? read more


if molusk don't have bones how do they move? are they a big muscle? read more

Saw Toothed Pen Shell

What does the animal inside the pen shell look like? We were very fortunate to be able to collect the shells that had washed up on the beach @ the National Seashore in Corpus. read more


How do crabs breath both above and below water? read more

juvenile pinna carnea

while beachcombing my brother and I came across a huge lenght of knotted rope and like alway picked it clean of spiney atlantic winged oysters only this time we were also pulling out what look like juvenile pinna carnea I have only collected 1 adult of this species in sand as they are normally found with bysall threads down. read more


Recently I observed several dolphins in the shallow coastal waters in Santa Barbara. read more


how do seastars breathe read more

blue crab eggs

We found a female blue crab at the Jersey Shore which had a 2" brown mass near its tail end held on by a piece of shell. read more

1-20 of 65 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>

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