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weeds in meadow

I have used newspaper with a layer of mulch to supress agressive, exotic perennial grass in my wildflower garden for a year. read more

barrel cactus

what kind of wildlife is supported by the barrel cactus in az? read more

shrubs to replace Privet and Honeysuckle

My husband and I are just getting started in trying to make our yard more wildlife friendly. read more

developing water sources on property

On my 1.5 acres there are several small running streams and several small pools of water. read more

Butterfly Weed

I have several butterfly weed bushes in my garden. I planted them in late spring 2003. read more

Stepped on A Painful Plant

I live in South Central, Texas (San Antonio) and went on a trip up in the Hill Country one day. read more

Moonflower plant

Hi, Would it be possible for you to direct me to where I may find a picture and information on the Moonflower plant? I have a neighbor who insists that the plant I have is an Angel Trumpet plant. read more

bushes and berries that attract birds

I would like names of trees and shrubs that attract birds. I know the usual, like berries, and red winter berries, mountain ash. read more

bird seed sprouting in stones

We just redid the area around our bird feeders, but now the bird seed is sprouting between the river rock. read more

home made houseplant pest spray

I know there are many products out on the market to spray on houseplants and pat... read more


For some reason, I though that Cattails were endangered and not allowed to be cut. read more

dying St. Augustine grass

In April we put down sod. It was doing great. Now we have brown dead looking spots. read more

Running Cedar

I've read that this is very hard to transplant. Do you know of a way that I could be successful in moving some of this lovely evergreen? I know it's endangered in VA. read more

Dicotyledon plants

How do dicotyledon seeds develop and what are the different ways that dicotyledo... read more

Pink Lady Finger

I am looking for a plant that my great aunt calls a Pink Lady Finger. It is a stalk type plant that grows quite tall (5-6ft) and at the top produces a few pink colored flowers that look like bent ladies' fingers. read more

River Birch tree

I have a 10-year old River Birch tree and this year it is dropping leaves and is yellow looking. read more

Hackberry for firewood

Can the wood from a Hackberry tree be used for firewood? read more

outdoor ivy-like plant

Hello Cathy, I am looking for the identity of an Ivy that grows outdoors. The leaf is similar to a maple leaf shape. read more

Chocolate Lily

I looked up Chocolate Lilies in your website. Where can I find some seeds? T... read more

replacing Vinca groundcover

I have Vinca growing into my yard from both sides (my neighbors use it extensively). read more

1-20 of 305 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>

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