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A group of old guys were discussing Seagulls. All of us have lived on the water for 60 years or better. read more

Seagulls vs Pigeon

On a recent visit to Pt Townsend, WA my daughter and I witnessed a Seagull drowning a Pigeon and then ate it. read more

Bird Id

There are these birds that appear in my back field every summer that kind of looks like a hawk and a seagull mix. read more


I've recently heard that starfish do not have brains. First, is this true and if so, do they feel pain? I watched a seagull eat a northern sea star the other day and now am very curious. read more


My husband and I were dining in a river restaurant Saturday evening along the Ohio River in Maysville, KY, which is about 7 hours from the nearest seashore. read more

Mixed up Sea Gulls

I live in Chicago and we have flocks of sea gulls in our mall parking lots and local parks. read more


We live in a major metropolitan area (Chicago, IL) nowhere near the ocean. Yet, for the last several years we have noticed flocks of seagulls circling overhead, usually over parking lots. read more

Seagulls in Hawaii?

Are seagulls found in Hawaii? I've been there several times (last trip was 1999) and never saw one, and I seem to remember being told that they are not indigenous to Hawaii and are never found there. read more

Metro Sea Gulls

I have lived in the Oklahoma City area for more than forty years. The past few years I have noticed groups of Sea Gulls gathering sometimes in large generally empty parking lots and also in the shallows of the North Canadian river. read more

1-9 of 9 questions page: 1

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