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Chickadees Are Cold Weather Machines

Though any bird that survives winter in the North amazes those of us that depend on furnaces and warm blankets, the black-capped chickadee may be the most incredible of all winter survivors. read more

Birding Focus

Old Christmas Trees Make New Bird Cover

Instead of discarding the family Christmas tree this year, turn it into cover for the birds. read more

Birding Focus

Decorate A Birdsí Christmas Tree

A fun family project during the holiday season is to decorate an outside Christmas tree for the birds. read more

Birding Focus

Northern Invaders

Are there any strange looking birds at your feeders this month? read more

Birding Focus

Coming Home

One of the most amazing feats in all of nature is a birdís ability to find its way across continents without any apparent training or help. read more

Birding Focus

What Is That Bird?

Many of the questions that come to are about mystery birds seen but not identified. read more

Birding Focus

The Incredible Egg

Ever wonder why birds lay eggs of different colors and shapes? There is a good reason for everything in nature and eggs are no exception. read more

Birding Focus

Feed Birds Year-round

For whatever reason, most people who feed birds seem to feed them only during cold weather. read more

Birding Focus

Birds Hitting Windows

Most people with wooded yards have had birds collide with their glass windows. This is a common but huge problem that takes the lives of millions of birds annually. read more

Birding Focus

Outwitting Bully Birds

10/29/2001 read more

1-10 of 52 articles page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>
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