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Feeders & Houses: Feeders

In order to maximize the numbers and kinds of birds that are attracted to your backyard, it is a best to place feeders in all the feeding niches: ground level, eye level, tree hanging, and tree trunk. The feeders in each niche will attract different kinds of birds, though there is some overlap.

Find out about natural food sources for birds.



Ground tray and tray on post

Northern Cardinals will generally feed only at feeders that have flat footing for them.

Hanging tube

Black-capped Chickadees, on the other hand, prefer to eat sunflower seeds from feeders with tiny perches. They will even hang upside-down on any kind of perch, wire or bag feeder.

Hopper on post

Again, Northern Cardinals will eat from a hopper feeder that has an edge wide enough for them to get good footing.

Caged suet holder

Woodpeckers eat suet from laminated cage-type feeders that hang on tree trunks.

Sugar water feeder

Hummingbirds, orioles and tanagers drink sugar water from orange- or red-colored hanging feeders placed at windows or from trees on patios.