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On the Wild Side: Strange news from the World of Wildlife!

Demolition Bear

The Polar Bear's appetite for seals is substantial. It's not unusual for a Polar Bear to eat nearly fifty of these plump creatures in a single year. That's a lot of blubber -- several thousand pounds, in fact -- and a lot of seal carnage.

Polar Bears have a few different methods for hunting seals. Sometimes a Polar Bear will wait for a seal to surface and then latch onto it with its teeth. Sometimes a Polar Bear will stalk a seal on an ice floe or in the water and use its claws as weapons. And sometimes a Polar Bear will wait outside a seal's home and, at an opportune moment, turn itself into a wrecking ball.

The homes are actually small caves built into snow drifts where female seals give birth. A Polar Bear will quietly approach one of these lairs and, if it smells or hears seals inside, stand on its hind legs and use its front paws to crash the roof on its occupants. But if the roof's surface is especially hard, several attempts may be necessary, and the seals may be able to escape.

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