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On the Wild Side: Strange news from the World of Wildlife!

Quite an In-flight Meal

Eat a few too many cookies at that holiday bash? Well, you're not alone. And it's not just fellow revelers that lack restraint but animals, too. Consider the Common Nighthawk, a bird that sets the standard for excessive snacking.

The name is rather misleading. Yes, the Common Nighthawk can be found across North America, but it doesn't confine its flights to the nighttime. Nor is the Common Nighthawk a hawk -- it's a member of the nightjar family. The bird captures insects like a hawk, though, snagging them on the wing. It's so adept at the trick that it can catch more than a thousand insects in a day. To be specific, analysis of the stomach contents of one Common Nighthawk revealed that it consumed 2,175 flying ants on a single day.

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