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Nature Watch

Bears, Unplugged

You may like bears and you may want to help protect bears, but you won't want anything to do with a bear plug. Not once you've heard where it's been. read more

Birding Focus

Chickadees Are Cold Weather Machines

Though any bird that survives winter in the North amazes those of us that depend on furnaces and warm blankets, the black-capped chickadee may be the most incredible of all winter survivors. read more

On the Wild Side

Spring Spectacle

It looks like a work of art. Maybe a glass sculpture? An assemblage of mirrors? A reflective metal abstraction? Or is it a work of nature? Ripples and waves on the ocean surface perhaps? If you guess it has something to do with the ocean you are close . . . but you still may be surprised by the answer. read more


Sky Guide 2007 December

read more

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