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Common Loon
Gavia immer

ADULT In summer has iridescent greenish black head and neck; note two rows of white stripes on neck.… read more

Pacific Loon
Gavia pacifica

ADULT In summer, has gray nape and head; throat is black and sides of neck are adorned with black an… read more

Red-throated Loon
Gavia stellata

ADULT Has blue-gray on face and sides of neck, red throat, and black and white lines on back of neck… read more

Clark's Grebe
Aechmophorus clarkii

ADULT In summer, has dark gray upperparts (slightly paler than Western) and white underparts; demarc… read more

Western Grebe
Aechmophorus occidentalis

ADULT In summer, has blackish upperparts and white underparts; demarcation between these is most str… read more

Horned Grebe
Podiceps auritus

ADULT In summer, has reddish orange neck and flanks. Back is black and black head is adorned with go… read more

Red-necked Grebe
Podiceps grisegena

ADULT In summer has dark gray-brown upperparts, including nape. Neck and upperparts are brick red, c… read more

Eared Grebe
Podiceps nigricollis

ADULT In summer has blackish head, neck, and back; face is adorned with golden yellow tufts. Flanks … read more

Pied-billed Grebe
Podilymbus podiceps

ADULT In summer, has gray-brown plumage, palest on flanks and neck. Bill is pale gray with a strikin… read more

Short-tailed Albatross
Phoebastria albatrus

37" (94 cm); wingspan 84-90" (213.5-228.5 cm). Adults have a white body, including the back, and a b… read more

Black-footed Albatross
Phoebastria nigripes (Diomedea nigripes)

ADULT Has mainly dark brown plumage, but tail is noticeably darker than back and most birds show var… read more

Cory's Shearwater
Calonectris diomedea

ALL BIRDS (not possible to age birds at sea in our region) Have mainly buffish brown upperparts with… read more

Northern Fulmar
Fulmarus glacialis

ADULT Pale morph has blue-gray upper wings, back, and tail. Head and underparts are white. Note dark… read more

Pink-footed Shearwater
Puffinus creatopus

ALL BIRDS Have uniformly dark brown upperparts, but mainly pale underparts: throat and belly are whi… read more

Greater Shearwater
Puffinus gravis

ALL BIRDS (ages are not separable in the field) Have dark grayish brown upper wing coverts and mantl… read more

Sooty Shearwater
Puffinus griseus

ALL BIRDS (not possible to age birds in the field in our region) Can appear all-dark at a distance, … read more

Audubon's Shearwater
Puffinus lherminieri

ALL BIRDS (ages are not separable at sea) Have blackish brown upperparts and mostly white underparts… read more

Manx Shearwater
Puffinus puffinus

ALL BIRDS Have more blackish upperparts (not so dark brown, as in Audubon's) and mainly white underp… read more

Short-tailed Shearwater
Puffinus tenuirostris

ALL BIRDS Can appear all-dark at a distance, but in good light plumage is mainly sooty brown. Pale u… read more

Wilson's Storm-Petrel
Oceanites oceanicus

ALL BIRDS Have dark gray-brown plumage, palest on underside of flight feathers and with pale bar on … read more

Band-rumped Storm-Petrel
Oceanodroma castro

ALL ADULTS Have mostly very dark blackish brown plumage except for white rump; upper wings have fain… read more

Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel
Oceanodroma furcata

ALL BIRDS Mainly pale gray, but note dark and white pattern on upper wing coverts that creates a str… read more

Leach's Storm-Petrel
Oceanodroma leucorhoa

ALL BIRDS Sooty gray, but can look all-dark at a distance, except for pale panel on upper wing cover… read more

Northern Gannet
Morus bassanus

ADULT Has essentially white body plumage with black wingtips (primaries). Note the buffy yellow wash… read more

Brown Booby
Sula leucogaster

Adult has a white belly, undertail coverts, and underwing coverts, but otherwise dark brown plumage;… read more

American White Pelican
Pelecanus erythrorhynchos

ADULT Appears mainly white, but in breeding season breast is flushed faintly with yellow-buff and cr… read more

Brown Pelican
Pelecanus occidentalis

ADULT Has streaked, silvery gray upperparts and pale-streaked, brown underparts. Head and neck are w… read more

Double-crested Cormorant
Phalacrocorax auritus

ADULT has mainly dark plumage, but pale feather centers on back and upper wings create a scaly appea… read more

Great Cormorant
Phalacrocorax carbo

SUMMER ADULT Often looks mainly dark, but plumage's oily sheen and black-bordered brownish wing feat… read more

Brandt's Cormorant
Phalacrocorax penicillatus

ADULT Has blackish plumage; sheen to feather centers on back and upper wings seen only at close rang… read more

Red-faced Cormorant
Phalacrocorax urile

28-30" (71-76 cm). Similar to Pelagic Cormorant but larger, with brighter red throat pouch extendin… read more

Anhinga anhinga

ADULT MALE Has blackish plumage, except for silvery feathers on upper wing coverts and silvery, elon… read more

Magnificent Frigatebird
Fregata magnificens

ADULT MALE Mostly all-dark, but purple sheen is seen in good light. Bright red throat sac is inflate… read more

Great Egret
Ardea alba

ADULT Has pure white plumage; during breeding season, long back plumes trail beyond tail. At all tim… read more

Great Blue Heron
Ardea herodias

ADULT Typical morph appears blue-gray overall, but neck is tinged pinkish and adorned with black and… read more

American Bittern
Botaurus lentiginosus

ADULT Has beautifully patterned brown plumage. Neck and breast have chestnut stripes on paler backgr… read more

Cattle Egret
Bubulcus ibis

ADULT Has pure white plumage for much of year but at height of breeding season it becomes flushed ye… read more

Green Heron
Butorides virescens

ADULT Has dark green crown, rufous-maroon face and neck, and white running from throat down center o… read more

Little Blue Heron
Egretta caerulea

ADULT BREEDING Has mostly dark blue-gray plumage but a rich purplish maroon head and neck. Has long … read more

Reddish Egret
Egretta rufescens

ADULT WHITE MORPH Has pure white plumage; shaggy plumes are seen on head and lower neck in breeding … read more

1-40 of 632 Birds page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>