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Habitat Resources: Lawn Reduction

Cut Your Lawn -- In Half!

America's landscapes are lawn-dominated and offer little value to wildlife. Trees, shrub masses, ground covers, flower beds, prairie or meadow patches, and attractively mulched areas are much better environmental choices, for people and for wildlife.

What you can do:

  • Set a goal of reducing your lawn size by 50%. Cut your lawn at a proper height using a mulching mower to avoid the need to collect and throw away clippings.
  • If you must water your lawn, water early in the morning and in the proper amount --most lawns are overwatered.
  • Allow your lawn to go dormant in the heat of the summer. Use the lawn grass variety that requires the least amount of pesticides, water, and fertilizer.
  • Contact your county extension service about environmentally responsible lawn practices for your region. If the size of your lawn permits, use the modern version of the "old fashioned" style push mower.



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